Want to learn how to take better candid photos?

Learn from a mom of 5 kids + pro photographer how to use your Camera to take great candid photos!


We will go over:
-where you should be standing/sitting to take the best photos
-lighting tips for indoor and outdoor shots
-how to make your camera just WORK right

I'll take you outside so you can test out some of these tips first hand,
and then we will have a Q&A time!

There are TWO classes available - one geared for Moms, and one geared for Teens


These classes take place at my studio in Lindale, TX.



Click on the photos below to find the class for you!!


Ready to learn how to use your camera?

I'll teach you tips on lighting, how to set your camera to take quick photos, and where to stand to get the best angles of your kids!

Ready to come hang out and learn??

Register for the Teen photography class here!