I love babies. The soft skin, chunky rolls, and the fresh baby scent makes me fall in love with them over and over.

During your newborn session, I capture the sweet tiny details of your new baby while you sit back and relax.


I have everything we need at the studio – including props, wraps to snuggle your baby in, headbands, and tiny little overall outfits for your boys!

I recommend booking your Newborn session while you are expecting – I book up to 6 months in advance, so if you are wrapping up the first trimester, go ahead and get on my calendar! 

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All you need to bring to the studio:

pacifier, extra baby wipes, and diaper (so basically what you already take in the diaper bag!)


When do you need to have pictures taken?

I have 7 years of photographing newborns under my belt, and my main focus is: 


–letting you heal well after birth

When you come to the studio, you will have just gave birth to your little one weeks before…and your top focus is keeping baby fed and happy, and HEALING yourself!!

(aka don’t jump up and start doing laundry after birth, mama, I know from experience that hurts later!!) 

What that means for pictures – is when possible, I love to photograph your baby in the first 2 weeks after birth. If that’s just not a good fit – that is OKAY!! I’ll get your baby happy, snuggly, and sleepy regardless even if they are a “bigger newborn”. 

(I have posed babies in newborn poses up to 2 months old) 

–keeping your baby safe and comfortable 

I have an assistant with me for all newborn sessions, to assure that your baby is absolutely safe at all times.

You can see from the photos below, that we can get lots of beautiful poses of your baby – and I will not pose your baby in a way that I do not feel is safe. Some shots are “composites”, which means my assistant has their hand on the baby while I take the photo, and I photoshop it out. This lets me get requested poses while keeping your little one happy! 


Shanna-Kaye captures Newborn, Kids, and Family sessions for busy moms.



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