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Mentoring Photographers

Are you ready to UPSCALE your photography business?

Are you really ready to find and rock your editing style,

feel confident in how you market to new clients,
and cut down the time it takes to edit and do paperwork??!



Then my friend, THIS mentoring course is for YOU!!!

Pick which one fits you!
I’ve spent the last decade bootstrapping my business from the ground up, which being pregnant and raising babies (pregnant with baby #6 now!)so I get the crazy. I understand the stress, overwhelm, and unknown that comes with starting a business, especially with little ones under foot! 
Let me give you the shortcuts and resources it took me years to “DIY” so you can spend less time to learn skills that will put you above and beyond where you are right now. 

What you get:

  • New videos in the FB community group each month (including behind the scenes at sessions)
  • Monthly Q&A’s where we get to dive in on what you are needing help with 
  • SK Pep talks – I’ll jump on and have a  “pep talk” with you, from boosting your confidence in your work, to ways to market yourself to your ideal client
  • Step by step editing tutorials for Photoshop, Camera RAW, and Bridge
  • BONUS: Photoshop Action bundle with 5 actions to help speed your workflow







  • how to make colors jump out in your photos
  • how to be consistent in your editing style
  • time saving tips to speed up the process
  • layering actions
  • how to create workflows that edit for you
  • how to make actions
  • how to clean up backgrounds
  • smoothing skin and taking out spots
  • my most used tools and their shortcuts



Get Started NOW! 

The doors are only open until 9pm CST, Friday March 8th. 

That means you have just over 3 days to get in! 



What’s the cost??

  • $29/month for all access 


LIMITED 1-on-1 mentoring- just 10 spots open!! 

  • $49/month for all access + 1-on-1 Q&A sessions via FB messenger or video chat each month with me. (up to 30 minutes of voicemail chats from me a month, and we will cover a lot of ground!)

This is where you send me questions about what your struggling with, and I help you strategize a plan that will get you results in your business


  • $19/month for Students (age 18 and under)

I designed this tier so a teen can pay for it on their own, with odd and end jobs, or you can have it as part of their homeschool curriculum!


Pick which one fits you!

My guarantee your going to love it

I want you to LOVE the course- but if your not 100% satisfied, you can cancel AND get the last month of your subscription refunded. 



6 tips for picking your newborn photographer

Hey mama.

You’re probably feeling super pregnant right about now… or your nursing your 3 day old baby at 2:30am realizing you forgot to get a newborn photographer booked.


Either way, I want to share some tips with you on how to make getting pictures of your new little one as *stress LESS* as possible.



#1: Ask around for photographers who work with babies

There are a dozen photographers in even a small town, but working with newborns is a WHOLE other niche in itself…. trust me.

You want to look for someone trained in newborns to trust with your baby.


Start by asking on social media, like Facebook, for what photographers your friends have used in the area and what they liked about the experience.


Then check Google and see who is in your area!

You can find my google reviews here


#2: Book in advance {if possible} 

Meaning, as long as your not currently in birth, or have your baby already here, it’s a good time to find the best photog for your baby!


This takes a ton of stress off you, and makes sure your photographer of choice has time in their calendar for you. 

We aren’t super heroes, even though we try to be, and if you wait too long there may simply not be enough time in their schedule.


You can send me your estimated due date here, and I’ll let you know if I’m available for your session


#3: Look at the photographers work and see if you like it


This may seem like a silly thing, but you want to make sure you love the style, coloring of editing, and props that the photographer uses.


Those squishy little poses are fantastic, and they take patience, training, the right tools, and more patience.


A talented photographer who specializes in newborns will have everything they need to make sure your baby is safe, secure, and comfortable during your session. 


Babies are very flexible, but they are tiny humans and many Pinterest poses are composite shots-meaning the photographer takes several photos with an assistant helping, and then merges it during editing to create that sweet photo.


Don’t be afraid to ask about a certain pose, if there is one you’re dreaming about- and realize that a talented photographer should decline trying that pose if they feel they can not photograph your infant in that position safely.


#4: See if they have a payment plan

Newborn photos are an investment- you don’t “HAVE” to have them to survive motherhood, but they bring a ton of joy and happiness to mom (and even dad as well!).


Ask if the photographer has a payment plan, or a yearly package so you can budget out the sweet moments you want captured, and have it already taken care of so you don’t forget as your baby grows.

I have 2 newborn packages, and a yearly mini session package (yes, you can do a Newborn mini with it!) that you can get sent to your email when you put in your info here.

#5: Find a photographer who has everything ready for you

The last thing you want to think about while you are healing from birth is what to bring to your session.

Look for someone that has props, and don’t be afraid to ask them if they do before hand.

I ask moms to bring a pacifier and an extra diaper, and that’s all they need.

Whether I’m coming to you, or your bringing baby to me, I keep a stash full of gorgeous props with the softest textures to use in your session.

Some photographers will come TO YOU, or you can go to their studio or home studio.

I’ve done all the above, and you can pick from what works best with your needs and budget.

#6: Last but not least, find a photographer who you like and is patient!

You want to actually LIKE the photographer… because chances are, you will spend a few hours with them while you have a dozen emotions going on in your head.

Make sure they are very patient– without patience, several of my favorite newborn photos would just not happen.

You want a photographer who is calm, makes you feel completely at ease, and listens to all of your concerns.

If you get a vibe when you’re messaging them that you just don’t like them, even if their work is fantastic, keep looking.


Moms “due” in March/April 2019- I’m running a special newborn session, at $250 off your full newborn session!!

–session will take place in Lindale, rather than your home ❤️ and I promise it will be worth it!

Chat with me here to get a date booked!


Best healthy and low sugar cookies!! Chocolate chips agave nectar cookies

We love cookies in this family.


Who doesn’t?? You must not have kids if you hate cookies. I mean… cookie dough itself is the delicious epitome of the baking kitchen.


Back to THESE cookies.


I try to be healthy, okay? Like occasionally eat kale in my salad and not die healthy 😉

(honestly good raw kale from local farmers can be super amazing…I know, it was a surprise to be too!)



Cutting white sugar down in our house is a constant goal- some weeks are better than others, but I’m finding if you just DON’T BUY IT, it sure makes it easier to not bake with it.


And then you find tasty substitutes, like honey or in this case, agave nectar.


I found THIS RECIPE on Pinterest and just substituted the agave nectar for the honey. 


What you will need in your kitchen:


    • ¾ cup whole wheat or gluten-free* flour


    • 1 ½ tsp baking powder


    • ¼ tsp salt


    • 1 large egg white, room temperature


    • 1 tsp vanilla extract



    • ½ cup honey (or agave nectar)




The kids LOVED it!!! I used the Lily’s brand mini chocolate chips, which are sweetened with stevia- so there’s not processed sugar in these.


Win win in my mommy book!! 

Want to see all the other yummy recipes I try out??



Surviving the Newborn stage – essential oils, lactation, and massage

The newborn stage is HARD.

I mean. I love the baby cuddles stage and laying with your newborn nursing fabulously and you feel like the entire world is happy…


but what about the fussy baby time and exhausted mom and raging hormones stage??



Here’s a few things that totally are game changers and I just WISH I had known about these people and things with my firstborn!!!!


Preface: My firstborn didn’t nurse well, had problems gaining weight from a shallow latch (that I had no idea was a “thing”) and was crying and screaming a ton from an unhappy tummy.

I wanted to LOSE MY MIND.


I’m pregnant with baby #5. How is that possible if my first was such a hard baby??!

Well, #1- my husband is pretty darn cute.

#2- I’ve found mom hacks that have been a total game changer with newborns that help me keep my sanity


So let’s stop the chitter chatter and get to the HELP ME stuff!


First off- two ladies you NEED in your life.


Beth Collins of Collins Complete Family Care. 

She is a lactation guru-and helped me keep my sanity with my 3rd baby. I was at a lost, crying, cracked and bleeding by day 6 of a baby who couldn’t get a good latch….and she taught me HOW to nurse a baby where I wasn’t losing my mind every time I had to latch.

If you feel like your nursing is just not what you imagined it would be- EVEN if your baby is gaining weight, if YOU feel bad or hurting, PLEASE contact her.


It took me till my 3rd child to realize that pain in nursing was NOT a right into motherhood.


I didn’t know that. The RELIEF after feeling how a well latched baby nursed, was amazing.


Even better is she is a Nurse Practitioner, and has a family practice… so you can take the whole family to her!!



Laura Barton of Mercy Touch Massage


I love this woman so much.

Here’s why:

2 prenatal massages with her helped my 4th birth become my BEST birth yet. How is that? She worked out my thighs and legs which had NEVER had a deep massage, and MAN I was so tight!!


In birth, you NEED strength in your lower body, and I really attest a huge part of why my birth was painless (yes, you read that right, I thought it was crazy too!) was because of her working my body into the best place it could be beforehand.


Now, I’m NOT saying you won’t have discomfort in your birth if you get a massage from her. BUT I am saying that getting your body prepped for birth makes a crazy huge difference in how your body preforms…and this was the FIRST time I had done it, and my 4th birth.


For Baby:

I had never heard of “Cranio-Sacral massage” before talking with Laura.

It’s basically soothing and slow touching that helps your body feel amazing.

With our 4th child, I had Laura come right after her birth…and that was my first time to see it done. Shaphirah was born with the cord wrapped tight twice around her neck, and she had some restrictions from that, along with tongue/lip ties.


After having Laura work on her, she nursed better than ALL my babies had. I was hooked.


I went to her after our awful and traumatic car wreck (I totaled our van with all my babies in the car) and I felt more grounded emotionally during my session than I had experienced before.


It was AMAZING, mama!!!!


Here’s what she says on her website for “what it is”

“Light engagement of the cranium, the sacrum and the nervous system in between. Intended to lead the body to restrictions and release strain patterns in both the myofascial tissue. Further connecting the healing body with unresolved emotional and physical trauma. Intended for adults and children. Specialized approach for those who are planning or who have underwent a tongue and lip tie release.”


So basically, schedule you AND your baby to see Laura. You can even nurse during your postpartum session while she massages you!!



Click that photo ^^ for my favorite oils to use for birth and postpartum!

Every mother who birthed a baby NEEDS ClaraDerm in their life. 


It’s the best blend EVER to spray “down there”. Yep, for THAT awful

I-feel-like-my-bottom-is-never-gonna-be-the-same feeling.

It’s relieving and also gives  a numbing feeling that is blissful.


I won’t ever birth without it.




I just started using oils 4 years ago, when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.  These are a few of my must-have’s for mama and baby, and there’s a fuller list in the video above!!


oh oh!!!


and I can’t forget Rose Ointment!!

It’s my “booby butter”, to rub on the girls when your sore. Which, with the help from a fabulous lactation gal like Beth, shouldn’t be as often… but still. A good one to use. Also helpful for any bumps, scrapes, or “I need a soothing cream for that” moments.



Click on the names to grab them-and if your stumped or need something NOT on my list… send me a message over on FB and I can tell you what to grab!!


or you can jump on www.youngliving.com, add things to your cart, and use “2004569” at checkout so I can get you in a sweet FB group!



Lavender essential oil

Great for adding to your diffuser while your nursing, rubbing a drop on your feet to calm your body after a long day….or putting 5 drops in a cup of epsom salt and throwing in the bath.


When momma feels good, the world is a better place.


Tip: a 5ml bottle (a small one, pictured is the 15ml) comes WITH the Starter kit, so you can skip this one if your grabbing a kit!)




TummyGize essential oil blend


Oh man-this is a fussy baby GAMECHANGER.

It has all kinds of help-soothe-tummy oils in it, and it’s diluted for kids and littles so it’s ideal.

You CAN dilute it more if you wish with little babies, it’s totally up to you.


Grab one of these roller tops (ps, there’s also one that comes in the Premium Starter Kit!!)

and add it to the bottle.

If your stumped on HOW to put on the roller top, check out this video on youtube


Then roll on the bottom of your little one’s feet, and on their belly button area.


Mom tip: If you choose not to use oils directly ON your babies skin (which is totally up to you!!) you can put a drop on your palm, and hold close to your little one’s nose and let them smell it.

Even just that can help settle their little tummy.



Peace and Calming


Oh girl. If you have never smelled Peace and Calming…. let me just say, that it is how I survived pregnancy and postpartum with my 3rd child. It was a ROUGH time, let me tell you. I was anxious and overwhelmed a ton, and this blend helped me feel a little more like myself.


I use it now ON my kids- when I need to conquer shopping and toddlers at the same time.

And on me, so I don’t freak out on everyone inside Aldi’s.



Premium Starter Kit – basically what you need!


Easiest way to get started is the kit.

You have everything you need, including:


  • A diffuser of your choice (I love the Mountain Mist-it changes colors!!)
  • 10 essential oils and oil blends
  • + a bonus bottle of Stress Away oil blend
  • Concentrated sample of the only main cleaner I keep in my house, aka Thieves Household Cleaner —make 2-3 bottles with this sample, just add a TBS to a spray bottle and fill with water!
  • 2 Ningxia Red packets-I use this fruit supplement daily to keep my mama energy on point
  • mini bottles to share a few drops of your favorite oil with friends so you don’t feel obligated to share your bottle (hoard those, mama!!!)
  • membership that gets you 24% off retail on the YL website



PS. Make sure to put my referral number “2004569” in the “who referred you” spot when you make an account, so I can get you into a super supportive Facebook group!!!


Now the best part about having a membership with Young Living is you get access to Essential Rewards


What is Essential Rewards?

It’s how I save the most money $$, hands down on my oils.


I order once a month, for whatever we need that month-and it ships to my door and I DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Or put on real pants. Which is a bonus.

It’s optional, but is feeling sane…and I really like to keep my sanity.



You also get cheaper shipping, (or you can get on the new YL Go program and get prepaid shipping which is the CHEAPEST option!) they send you FREE oils every 3 months for the first year, AND you can score extra free oils and products to try out with qualifying orders!


FREE oils just for ordering monthly on Essential Rewards, as found on www.youngliving.com

  • 3 consecutive months: Peppermint Vitality™ essential oil, 5 ml
  • 6 consecutive months: Thieves® Vitality™ essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • 9 consecutive months: Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil, 15ml
  • 12 consecutive months: Loyalty, a special blend formulated by Founder of Young Living and the modern-day essential oils movement D. Gary Young specifically for Essential Rewards members!




Now it’s YOUR TURN to tell me-what’s something that helped you a ton with the newborn stage???


comment below!!!

and SHARE this on FB 🙂


B O O K   N O W