About the Photographer

Meet Shanna-Kaye

If there is any ONE thing you should know about me, it’s that I get EXCITED about photography. I live and breathe photos… and angles, and perfecting little details… so that means I will be just as excited about photographing your baby or family as I would be my own child!

I have 6 kids, and 1 baby boy in Heaven – so I am very used to the emotions that come with pregnancy and postpartum! I’ve been in that stage of life for the last 11 year. 

I’m married to my husband Paul, and he helps encourage me in my work, and in homeschooling our oldest several children. We are passionate about God’s word, homeschooling, working hard, and being honest. 


Meet Ashlea

Ashlea is my assistant, and I literally could not do my job without her. Whether its keeping newborns safe, handing me props, cleaning up the studio after a session, or reminding me to stay hydrated – she is a wonderful and needed person in my team! The little ones love her – she is calm and she can soothe a fussy toddler like nobody’s business.

The thing I love about her the most, is her love for the Lord.

She encourages those around her to focus on what truly matters, and that is so needed!

Our favorite space in the studio

We both love calming spaces, so we created this boho space in the front of the studio.

It’s perfect for Sitters, Newborns + Family, and Maternity sessions – and honestly we love just being in here!!!

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