About the Photographer

Hey friend!

A few things that you should know about me:

  • my babies are all 8 years old and younger, so I totally understand the crazy chaos that is being a mom
  • I used to raise show rabbits for 4-H
  • I like to call photo sessions my “workout session”-because I’m constantly running and getting in crazy positions to capture your child’s attention
  • I love everything turquoise, chalk painted, and distressed…and all together is the best combo!!
  • I talk a whole bunch
  • As a kid I hated tomatoes but loved ketchup
  • When I grew up, I wanted to be a singer, massage therapist, and an interior decorator…as well as a photographer. I sing acapella in the pew at church, massage oils on my husband and kiddos, and get to constantly rearrange our living room…so that counts, right?
  • I like to “experience” things-so shopping, taking a vacation, or deciding where to eat out takes a long time.

I picked up my dad’s film Nikon SLR camera when I was 9-10 years old, and he taught me how to shoot in manual and focus it. That quickly grew into me posing my rabbits, and then brothers to “sit still” for me, and taking lots of photos. I saved my money, bought a little point and shoot camera-and started in the digital camera world. I purchased my first DSLR camera off Craiglist when I was 16, and fell in love with how much better it worked!

I married at 18, started photographing weddings and anyone who would get in front of my camera-and now, 8 years later, I specialize in babies, kids, and their families.

I grew up around babies, (I’m the oldest of 11 kids) so I guess that part comes naturally… and I enjoy the challenge of getting a newborn sleepy and posable.

Toddlers are like a whole nother world-they are exploring, constantly challenging you as mom, and my goal is to grab a snapshot of that little personality (that’s probably a whole lot like yourself) and create art that will take your breathe away.

I think my favorite part is being able to have a creative vision, and it come to life…and then get it finished, because I know there’s a mom on the other end ready to see her pictures!

Unlike the art projects that get stuck my  garage, half finished.

I want a mom to come away from her session feeling relieved, that she  can sit back and ENJOY this age and time, instead of feel stressed that it’s going to quickly and she won’t have anything to remember it by.

B O O K   N O W