Siblings + Baby Selah

6 kids.

Man. I always wanted 6 kids. I thought it was the perfect number – after 4 kids. However, when we had our 4th baby, Shaphirah, I told my husband I felt content.

Then God laughed, blessed us with a twin pregnancy – and we lost our son Arrow early on in the first trimester, and got to keep Keshet. When I got pregnant with Selah, it was a shock. I thought my body was done, as it was a longer recovery after Keshet’s pregnancy and birth.

But God knows what we need, and He gave us Selah – and I’m grateful.

So here’s my 6 little earthside babies!!

I always wanted to have pretty photos of my baby + me, so this time we made it happen. Thankfully after years off being a photographer, my husband Paul has gotten really good at photographing me with our kids, so we took turns. See it here!!

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