My Top 10 essential oils to have for toddlers and the uses

This was a requested list by a mama friend ❤️

——- comment below….. what are your “must have” oils for your kids??


So I use the Young Living brand for my essential oils. You can order on their website – if you do, I’d love if you use my referral number!

– just put in “2004569” in the “enrollee/sponsor” area

HALF of these oils are in the “premium starter kit” – which is the cheapest way to get them… plus a diffuser and several other oils.

(Like Purification for stinking rooms… and Frankincense for stretch marks… you get the idea)


Without further ado- here are my top 10 oils for little ones!

?Peace and Calming

Straight up, a MUST HAVE in my house.

Rub it on your kids before going grocery shopping. See how they do.

It’s worked magic many days for me to keep kids more behaved in public. ??

Also great for occasionally anxiety ?for both kiddos and moms alike.

So yes- I use it A. LOT. ?


When in doubt …. put a drop of lavender on. No really!!

My first line of defense for bug bites ?

Good for diffusing at bedtime for sleepy vibes ?


The “go to” for upset tummies … gassy babies, even upset adult tummies! ?

Rub a drop on the belly button… or bottom of the feet for babies

Ps. I found recently that it worked SUPER well when a friend’s son got stung by a small bee and I put a drop on and it stopped the stinging ??‍♀️

So moral of the story- use whatever you have on hand!


I don’t want to ever be without this oil blend!!

It’s like “Panaway” for kids, but it’s already diluted and it’s not “hot” to the touch and it has Helicryuem in it… and Copiaba… and it just WORKS. Fantastic for the bumps and scraps kids get. ?


– Rub a drop on baby’s gum line to help soothe teething woes (can seriously be a sanity saver)

It’s very mild, so doesn’t feel hot at all.

– Use immediately after your kid falls. It can help those goose eggs go down or even go away!!

– This is one oil I don’t mind putting on their skin or inside their mouth (hello busted lips/bit tongues) fast cause I know it won’t bother them


It seems so basic, but lemon is a great mood uplifter!! It smells great too! ?

Make a DIY roll on with 10 drops of lemon AND lavender AND Copiaba, and fill with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil …. and rub on the back of your kids neck to help their little noses not get stuffy ?

OR put those oils in a diffuser by their bed at night

?SleepyIze blend OR Rutavala roll on

—- both good for getting a sounder sleep, I try either when I have restless kids. So far I use the roll on the most cause it’s easy ?

It helps me calm down too!

?Stress Away-

Good for busted lips, just rub on (it has Copiaba in it so that’s why I use it!)

Rub a drop on your kids hands to help them calm down. Then rub 3-4 drops on YOU. Seriously ?? ??

?Thieves roll on-

This is my go to, to help them keep from catching every sniffle and cold that goes around.

I rub it on their feet, on the bottom, and then put on socks (for kids who will touch their feet) or put footy pjs on.

Thieves IS hot- so it will irritate their eyes if they touch it and then rub their eyes.

Another option is you can MAKE YOUR OWN roll on bottle!! I’ve added thieves, lemon, lavender, Copiaba, and Frankincense together when they really feel bad and it works so stinking good.

Rub it on every 15 minutes when your kid feels bad for an hour- and then take a break for an hour or so and start back. Get them to drink lots of clear fluids.



Safety tip: In case your kid gets into a hot oil,


It makes it hotter.

Grab coconut oil, or olive oil, and rub around the area. It soothes it and dilutes it.

(And y’all. My kids have done all kinds of crazy stuff and they are all okay afterwards ?)

Also- the blends “Owie” and “Sleepize” and “Tummygize” are prediluted for kids so it’s SO easy!!

Really the only one I dilute on this list for sure if it’s not going on their feet is Thieves… and it’s almost always going on their feet.

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