Newborn session vs Newborn Mini

Which newborn session should you pick??

At Shanna-Kaye Photography, I have 2 packages for babies.

The “Newborn session”, which is a full experience, and a “Newborn Mini session”, which  focuses on baby in wrapped poses.


The Newborn Session is $650 and comes with a 2-3 hour session, around 75 digital photos in your gallery to download, and we can pick from ANY props I have in the studio!!

That includes tons of colors, props like buckets, a cradle, heart, and every texture you can imagine! I even have special props for rainbow babies.

Parents, sibling, and family photos are included in the Newborn Session.

We can do wrapped up poses, or those cute naked baby shots that show all the back rolls! (or a mix of both)


The Newborn Mini session is $395 and is includes poses with baby wrapped in soft swaddles. The session is about 1.5 hours long, and comes with around 25+ digital photos in your gallery to download. 

You can pick a vibrant color (pink, blue, yellow, rainbow for rainbow babies, etc), as well as the cream for a total of 2 background colors. 


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Here’s what one mom has to say about Shanna-Kaye Photography:

“My newborn session with Shanna-Kaye was absolutely perfect and the pictures were gorgeous! I can’t imagine a newborn session or the quality of the photographs being any better! I would highly recommend Shanna-Kaye Photography to anyone.”

No matter which newborn session you need, I’m happy to capture your sweet baby!

Get my session packages here, and I can’t wait to meet your little one!