Postpartum and crazy hair

You know that feeling after having a baby… the “oh man, my body is tired…. and not where I want it to be… and the “I need to feel GOOD about myself, but I can wait….” feelings??

Postpartum can STINK.

Especially if you don’t put getting good stuff back in your body as top priority….

like supplements (L-Tyrosine and Ashwaganda, oh my- go check those out for chilling out emotions!)

or good foods when your nursing… like coconut oil, guacamole, and good protein…. so basically go eat Chipotle and make some something sweet with chocolate and coconut oil 😉

Go take care of YOU. Yes, you.

Not your sweet snuggly baby, who you are already caring at every hour of the night (and day!)


You are important, you are worth spending money on, you need to show your kids love by spending a little time on yourself.

When you just give and give and give, day in, and day out with a new little one…. you are WORE OUT.

Your body hurts. Your head hurts. Your emotions are thin.

Don’t stay there.

The longer you take to give yourself a small break, the more your emotions get high and hot and heavy on yourself.

Taking a break may not mean a day at the salon getting a crazy bold color on your hair, but MAYBE it does.

You might need the “girl, do it!!” encouragement to have fun and do something crazy for a change.

Mama, you do YOU.

If that means having someone watch the kids (and the baby!) for an hour so you can just sit and Starbucks and drink an expensive colored drink so you can breathe…

Do it.

It might be having epsom salts and essential oils in your bath, with the baby in a bouncer and your big kids watching Amazon Prime movies.

Whatever it is- DO something for you.

It will help, seriously.

Come chat with fellow moms about postpartum and motherhood in a no drama FB group!

For more ideas and encouragement, visit the Abundant Mama page.

For a fun bold look, contact my stylist friend, LaEsha at Oohlaglam in Tyler, TX and she will get you feeling amazing!

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