Rainbow Baby | Keshet Josiah

a beautiful embroidered swaddle, made by Kelsey Frazier.

2 years ago I became passionate about 2 different things… photographing twins, and bring awareness to rainbow babies. Now, with my own rainbow baby who was a twin, it reminds me that the Lord knew what was coming… and was preparing me beforehand.

Now, what is a “rainbow baby”??

A rainbow baby is a child born after a loss or miscarriage. This could be losing a baby at birth, in the womb… maybe even before you get to go to the first sonogram or hear a heartbeat on the monitor.

Our little Keshet was a twin. His brother, Arrow, who was identical, left us and joined the Lord just a few days after we saw the boys on the sonogram at under 8 weeks gestation and got to hear their tiny heart beats.

I shared our story, here on the East Texas Moms Blog page.

I still have a hard time saying “was” instead of “is” when I talk about Arrow. In my mind, he’s still present. He isn’t quite gone. It’s a weird thing to work thru emotionally… and makes me so glad for the blessing of the Lord to be able to go to him!!!

“Tiny miracle” outfit that a dear friend mailed me

Meaning of his name:

“Keshet” means “rainbow” in Hebrew (we pronounce it like ‘Ka-sh-et”, though traditionally it’s pronounced with a “ehh” sound)

“Josiah” means “Jehovah has healed”

He was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, my earliest baby by several weeks. His feet are long, and have less wrinkles from being “early”
There’s not a day that passes that I won’t miss your twin…

but I’m so thankful God gave me you to hold¬†
I have all kinds of gorgeous props like these for rainbow babies.
Contact me if you want me to create memories like this for you!
I love the arrows that are on his blanket.
He is so tiny!!! Born at 7lbs 9oz

Do you have a rainbow baby coming? I’d love to meet him/her!

See this outdoor session with Keshet at 12 days old here