Keshet Josiah |12 days new| outside in a wheat corner

I’m crazy, y’all. Crazy about babies!!! 

How about you….Are you crazy about babies too??#babyfeverisreal

❤️❤️Seriously though.
When my husband asked “do you want to take pictures of him right now??” 

I’m like… ?? “YES!!!” 

I’ll just consider this my reward for trying to stay in bed these past 12 days. 

2 beautiful and intricate flowers, one big, one small. 
Just like my boys- one here, one waiting.

If you are a mom who has lost a twin,…

my heart goes to you.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Job 1:21

There are many verses in scripture that I’m understanding more fully now. Especially the verses talking about how hard it was for God to give up his only son. I really can’t imagine.

Keshet’s middle name is Josiah, which means “Jehovah has healed”. I wanted that, because I needed to have a reminder that God heals our hearts.

Even though I have had to give up one of mine, I got the keep one at the same time.

That pain is met with joy, with relief, as I look at my son’s face… and it makes me realize that God GAVE more of himself than we will fully realize to save us and bring us to Him.

Let’s not forget that, and work to make the sacrifice worth while.

I share more about our journey when we found out we were pregnant with twins, and losing Arrow here

Keshet Josiah 12 days new
No more pictures, mom!
My husband planted heirloom wheat seeds, called “Einkorn” wheat – in a corner in our backyard. It grew, which was exciting-so I knew I needed to get a picture of our new little blessing with the wheat.
He is just so smiley!!
Out of all my babies, Keshet has the LEAST amount of hair. Wild, I know!!
Want to see day “#1” in the studio? He’s 5 days old here, and more cuteness HERE

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