What to Wear for Family Sessions: the Fall Edition

Fall is my favorite time of the year, by far. The warm colors, cooler weather which makes Texas a LOT more bearable, and the upcoming family holidays with lots of good food just make it plain GOOD!

I’m like you, I start realizing how close the holidays are-and then I think “oh shoot!!! I need to think up gifts for my parents, in-laws, and grandparents!”

Thankfully, I figured out after our wedding day, that all they REALLY want is an updated photo of my little family to show off. And since our family has grown by a baby or two every 2 years, that means it’s time for a new family picture about October.

Maybe your family just wants a good picture of your family!! I want to share some ways to use what’s in your closet, plus maybe a new thing or two, to create the perfect portrait of your family that you will want to show off to everyone you meet.

Oh-and before we get to all the good tips… just know that if your in East Texas and want to hire me as your family photographer, these spots go QUICK. October for photographers is like April is for accountants!!

I’m coming back from maternity leave so it’s gonna be even busier than normal – so send me a message and let me know you want a spot.

Think about what colors are in the background

Fall colors vary from deep greens, to yellows, to vibrant oranges and reds, depending on where in the country you are.

Here in East Texas, it’s the deep greens and yellows, with a touch of orange from the golden light.

If your using a neat prop, like my vintage deep burgundy settee, you have a POP of color to work with.

See more of the gorgeous families I photographed last year so you can get an idea of what it looks like here

Book a spot in my October Family Sessions!

Choose a color for your outfits OTHER than the background

For my fall session set up, these colors look amazing:

  • Blues
  • Blush/soft pinks
  • Cream or white

I recommend to stay away from a color that matches the background… because you want to stand out! In my fall family sessions, that means leaving your favorite yellow or green dress or blouse at home – because you will blend in.

Start with what you have in the closet

Time to raid the closet!! I always try to start with what we have. It just helps the budget, and gives you an idea of what to base your colors on.

If you stand in the closet and feel completely lost, here’s my “photoshoot essentials” that you can typically find:

  • White button down dress shirt for dad/boys, sleeves rolled up with dark wash jeans
  • A dress or tunic style shirt/straight jeans that make you feel amazing
  • Dresses for your girls with tall boots or cute flats

Pick 1 or 2 patterns

I recommend having at least one family member with solid colors, and then add in a pattern like plaid or floral. Too many patterns can be distracting, but a pop or two helps add diversity to your outfits!

Accessorize for a fantastic look

Even if you normally are in comfy tee-shirts and jeans, accessorizing can add character to your family’s outfits.

Things like:

  • floppy hats for your girls/you
  • fedora hats or vest for young boys/dad
  • costume jewelry, a little bigger than you normally wear

Makeup and nails are a big deal!

Wear a little more eye makeup and lipgloss than normal- trust me, it helps a ton!!! It helps bring your eyes out more, so if you have a friend who is amazing with makeup, invite her to come give you a makeover the day of your session!

Bring your lipgloss along, so you can reapply right before we get started.

Don’t forget to check your nails! Remove any chipped nail polish – if your crunched on time, naked nails look better than chipped paint. If you have time, having your nails nicely painted looks great-especially for detail shots.

Clear lipgloss or light colored for your little girls is fun, and make them feel “just like mommy”.

Ask your photographer

When your stumped, or have 2 dresses you simply can NOT decide between…. ask your photographer! She/He will have an idea of what will look great with the location…

and if I’m your photographer, feel free to PM me a photo or email it over to me! I’m happy to help you decide!

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