Mentoring Photographers

Are you ready to UPSCALE your photography business?

Are you really ready to find and rock your editing style,

feel confident in how you market to new clients,
and cut down the time it takes to edit and do paperwork??!



Then my friend, THIS mentoring course is for YOU!!!

Pick which one fits you!
I’ve spent the last decade bootstrapping my business from the ground up, which being pregnant and raising babies (pregnant with baby #6 now!)so I get the crazy. I understand the stress, overwhelm, and unknown that comes with starting a business, especially with little ones under foot! 
Let me give you the shortcuts and resources it took me years to “DIY” so you can spend less time to learn skills that will put you above and beyond where you are right now. 

What you get:

  • New videos in the FB community group each month (including behind the scenes at sessions)
  • Monthly Q&A’s where we get to dive in on what you are needing help with 
  • SK Pep talks – I’ll jump on and have a  “pep talk” with you, from boosting your confidence in your work, to ways to market yourself to your ideal client
  • Step by step editing tutorials for Photoshop, Camera RAW, and Bridge
  • BONUS: Photoshop Action bundle with 5 actions to help speed your workflow







  • how to make colors jump out in your photos
  • how to be consistent in your editing style
  • time saving tips to speed up the process
  • layering actions
  • how to create workflows that edit for you
  • how to make actions
  • how to clean up backgrounds
  • smoothing skin and taking out spots
  • my most used tools and their shortcuts



Get Started NOW! 

The doors are only open until 9pm CST, Friday March 8th. 

That means you have just over 3 days to get in! 



What’s the cost??

  • $29/month for all access 


LIMITED 1-on-1 mentoring- just 10 spots open!! 

  • $49/month for all access + 1-on-1 Q&A sessions via FB messenger or video chat each month with me. (up to 30 minutes of voicemail chats from me a month, and we will cover a lot of ground!)

This is where you send me questions about what your struggling with, and I help you strategize a plan that will get you results in your business


  • $19/month for Students (age 18 and under)

I designed this tier so a teen can pay for it on their own, with odd and end jobs, or you can have it as part of their homeschool curriculum!


Pick which one fits you!

My guarantee your going to love it

I want you to LOVE the course- but if your not 100% satisfied, you can cancel AND get the last month of your subscription refunded. 


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