6 tips for picking your newborn photographer

Hey mama.

You’re probably feeling super pregnant right about now… or your nursing your 3 day old baby at 2:30am realizing you forgot to get a newborn photographer booked.

Either way, I want to share some tips with you on how to make getting pictures of your new little one as *stress LESS* as possible.

#1: Ask around for photographers who work with babies

There are a dozen photographers in even a small town, but working with newborns is a WHOLE other niche in itself…. trust me.

You want to look for someone trained in newborns to trust with your baby.

Start by asking on social media, like Facebook, for what photographers your friends have used in the area and what they liked about the experience.

Then check Google and see who is in your area!

You can find my google reviews here

#2: Book in advance {if possible} 

Meaning, as long as your not currently in birth, or have your baby already here, it’s a good time to find the best photog for your baby!

This takes a ton of stress off you, and makes sure your photographer of choice has time in their calendar for you. 

We aren’t super heroes, even though we try to be, and if you wait too long there may simply not be enough time in their schedule.

You can send me your estimated due date here, and I’ll let you know if I’m available for your session

#3: Look at the photographers work and see if you like it

This may seem like a silly thing, but you want to make sure you love the style, coloring of editing, and props that the photographer uses.

Those squishy little poses are fantastic, and they take patience, training, the right tools, and more patience.

A talented photographer who specializes in newborns will have everything they need to make sure your baby is safe, secure, and comfortable during your session. 

Babies are very flexible, but they are tiny humans and many Pinterest poses are composite shots-meaning the photographer takes several photos with an assistant helping, and then merges it during editing to create that sweet photo.

Don’t be afraid to ask about a certain pose, if there is one you’re dreaming about- and realize that a talented photographer should decline trying that pose if they feel they can not photograph your infant in that position safely.

#4: See if they have a payment plan

Newborn photos are an investment- you don’t “HAVE” to have them to survive motherhood, but they bring a ton of joy and happiness to mom (and even dad as well!).

Ask if the photographer has a payment plan, or a yearly package so you can budget out the sweet moments you want captured, and have it already taken care of so you don’t forget as your baby grows.

I have 2 newborn packages, and a yearly mini session package (yes, you can do a Newborn mini with it!) that you can get sent to your email when you put in your info here.

#5: Find a photographer who has everything ready for you

The last thing you want to think about while you are healing from birth is what to bring to your session.

Look for someone that has props, and don’t be afraid to ask them if they do before hand.

I ask moms to bring a pacifier and an extra diaper, and that’s all they need.

Whether I’m coming to you, or your bringing baby to me, I keep a stash full of gorgeous props with the softest textures to use in your session.

Some photographers will come TO YOU, or you can go to their studio or home studio.

I’ve done all the above, and you can pick from what works best with your needs and budget.

#6: Last but not least, find a photographer who you like and is patient!

You want to actually LIKE the photographer… because chances are, you will spend a few hours with them while you have a dozen emotions going on in your head.

Make sure they are very patient– without patience, several of my favorite newborn photos would just not happen.

You want a photographer who is calm, makes you feel completely at ease, and listens to all of your concerns.

If you get a vibe when you’re messaging them that you just don’t like them, even if their work is fantastic, keep looking.

Moms “due” in Fall/Winter 2019, my dates are open now!

Chat with me here to get a date booked!

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