A sneak peek at Newborn Mini Sessions | Peek-A-Bootique in Tyler TX

Let me introduce you to the snuggliest baby!!!

Well. I may say that a lot….but tiny babies are just the best thing ever, right??


She really was a dream baby though. Those cheeks. And Lips. And that head full of perfectly wispy curled hair!!!

She graced me with several little smirks and smiles.


Now if your wondering “how can I get my baby with this exact setup?!”


I’ve got you covered!!

I bring all these gorgeous cream textures once a month (including that cute little cradle) to Peek-a-Bootique, a baby and kids boutique store in Tyler, TX. 


One Thursday a month, (on the 3rd Thursday) you’ll find me snuggling and photographing sweet newborns and little ones at the back of their store. They graciously let me use their backroom to transform in to a mini photography studio!

You can click here to get a mini session booked with me- 

or if you want to get the best bang for your dollar, get on my Mini VIP subscription!! 

The Mini VIP includes 4 OR 6 mini sessions a year- and you can mix and match studio sessions and outdoor themed sessions.



I want to know!! – When did you have your newborn photos taken??

Comment below!!


My focus is creating beautiful artwork of your babies AND taking stress off of you at the same time.

What that means, is even if your baby is older than 2 weeks old, that’s OKAY.

Don’t stressjust contact me asap and I’ll get you in at the earliest date I have!

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