6 ways to {help} boost your kids immune system



Maybe your wondering WHAT can you do so your babies aren’t catching every single cold or runny noise?! ?

I shared with a friend recently that our kids really don’t get sick often-and we work on boosting their immune system to help with that.


Here’s 6 areas we work on {especially in the cooler months – which is so odd and sporadic here in Texas!}


—Don’t panic about everything

I let my kids play in the dirt. They run outside, and I don’t freak out if they don’t have shoes on all the time. Cause being real, kids usually hate shoes

I’ve always heard it’s supposed to help their immune system…and while I’m not a sciencey mom, I do know that we were healthier than most as kids, and we played in the dirt a LOT.


—Cut Down sugar + Increase Clean food

If we are around sick people we limit sugar intake- drink orange juice and eat as many raw and “whole” foods we can.
Aldis has really good not from concentrate orange juice for $2.09, so I’ll grab extra in the cool months.

I have all kinds of recipes on my “Recipes to Make” Pinterest board you can look at for meal inspiration.


—Pay attention to what’s on their body

When it comes to everyday things like the soap they wash their hands with, the laundry soap on their clothes, and the hand sanitizer I rub their hands with when someone is coughing-I choose to have natural minded products without the toxic junk that would make their body work extra to handle.

Thieves laundry soap is my best friend since I feel like I wash clothes CONSTANTLY with 6 people in this house-especially if we do catch something and I want to clean up after kiddos.


—Think ahead and Prevent

I use a few different essential oils to boost their system and keep them well-especially if we have been around someone who isn’t feeling great!

I rub diluted Thieves EO on their feet at bedtime- and if I notice they are a little less spunky than usual, they get their feet rubbed on every 15 minutes for an hour.

For noses that are misbehaving, they know momma is gonna grab the SniffleEase EO roll on in my purse for respiratory support, and I’ll just roll it on the back of their neck. Have tissues ready cause it really works!


—Get a good nights sleep

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle between starting back schoolwork and upcoming holidays, kids (and mommies) simply don’t get enough sleep. A few drops of Lavender EO or a squirt of Lavender hand and body lotion rubbed all over their body after bath time helps them sleep really good and relaxes their body, and you definitely want good rest to stay well.

I’ll throw 4 drops of Lavender EO + 2 drops of Cedarwood EO in their diffuser (yes I have them in the kids rooms!) for extra measure and sleepy babies.


—Try what works for other moms

I just added Elderberry syrup last year-I keep hearing it’s a great way to boost their system and my friend Sarah is making it so if you need some, PM her!
Kidron approves of it-we just started it last year in the cooler months and all the kids LOVE the taste.


Here is a Elderberry + Ningxia Red gummy recipe for kiddos– I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my list to make as soon as I order some gelatin!


So I want to know-if you’ve read all the way to the end of this ? – what do YOU do to boost your kids immune system????

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Heres a list of our favorites oils and oily products I mentioned and where to grab them:

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links- which help me bring you tips for FREE and help our family save $$$ at home ?

I am very particular about what I recommend to friends, so you can be confident that these work well with my family, and maybe they will for yours!


I order these online from Young Living essential oils.


Want to grab them individually?

(or just stalk their site and see what it’s all about)


Thieves hand purifier:

Thieves laundry soap

Thieves hand soap

Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

Lavender essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil

SniffleEase essential oil blend


Roll on tops (pk of 10)


The best way to get any of these is to grab a Premium Starter kit.

It comes with a diffuser, Thieves and Lavender oils, and 9 other oils.

Now, the samples have changed out since this photo, but now it comes with my FAVORITE cleaner, Thieves Household cleaner

It’s $160 + ship/tax, and then you get a 24% off discount off the retail price for any future orders!!



Budgeting Hack: There’s even a sweet+ free saving program called Essential Rewards-where you can earn CREDIT back just for ordering what your family needs monthly + FREE oils. (This is how I have such a great oils stash!!)

You can get on that ASAP if your like me, or wait and sign up after your kit comes in.


Here’s the deal- you CAN order just from youngliving.com, but you don’t get a super supportive oily mama system with that. Use my link above, and I’ll get you added to an exclusive FB group with thousands of moms who focus on keeping their kids healthy. 

If you get stumped at ALL- just shoot me an email at sk@shanna-kaye.com and I’ll get you all set up.



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