Shaphirah Kaye {cake smash}

My little Shaphirah Kaye isn’t so little anymore.

Oh baby girl, how you have changed in just the last few months faster than I’m ready to accept.




Photographing your own baby is a whole other ballgame.

There’s the exhilaration of being able to create exactly what you want-and the stress of having to pull it all together.

We got to the farm (a stunning location I use, and where I grew up) right as the sun was setting…

and I tried hard not to be sad that I wouldn’t get that yummy golden light.


And then the colors were so beautiful and accented her little lips and eyes so perfectly-

and I couldn’t be upset.




I found this headband here at Peek-A-Bootique and it’s $7.95, guys!!!!

It’s the most beautiful shade of cranberry and mauve and greenery…. perfect for that antique rose feel.

and while you “ahhhing” over her sweet dress… I can tell you it was a STEAL for $8 at the CCC sale.

That’s this huge 1000 mom garage sale event that happens in Tyler 2x a year.

It’s SO fabulous for finding kids clothes, baby stuff, and home decor!

Next one is September 13-15…..


and then came the cake.

She saw it briefly before we started, so that brought on “UHH!!” expressions as she really JUST wanted cake.





This cake has quite the story.

I decided to cook my own-you know, do-it-all mom style, and asked my sister for a great recipe.

She hooked me up with this recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction-and I started making it at 4pm.

I did her session at 7:30pm. On the same night.

Let’s just say there was some putting cakes in the freezer to cool!!


Then a quick run to Hobby Lobby for the succulents and roses…and sticking them in the cake.


The things you do for pictures, right?!



Can we talk about how PERFECT this Unicorn headband is?

I just about fell over when I saw it in Peek-A-Bootique, our local kids and baby boutique.


Good news though-they have an online shop-so you can score this for $9 here. 


I mean. It’s perfect. You might even try it on for size. 


My 2 favorite upclose photos – because I love her blue eyes and that little tongue!! It reminds me of her big sister Kyra, who stuck her tongue out

in almost every photo till she was a year old.


My little sister Sylyna, who is 11 years old, picked up the camera and helped me.

She took the shots below-and I edited them.


She’s rocking this picture thing!!!

She’s saving $$ to buy a camera.


My most FAVORITE part of the session was when I asked Sylyna to take some pictures of Shaphirah and I.


It’s been on my “NEED TO DO NOW” list for months, honestly about 6 months…and my heart is happy to have them.

She did SO good capturing us- and I got to give her pointers on where to put the focus point, and what to do when they are blurry.

Want to see all the ones I picked out?

<<<<<<<Head HERE to see our little session together.>>>>>>>>

Below are a few peeks.

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