Shanna-Kaye and Shaphirah Kaye {mommy and me}


The last few weeks have taught me to hold my babies close.

After being in a traumatic car wreck where {Praise the Lord!} we walked away, I’ve been thinking more about taking in each moment.

(you can read about it on East Texas Moms Blog soon-check back for the link)


I have a confession. It was a full YEAR before I got a “camera” photo of just me and my littlest.
and she JUST turned a year…so it was her birth when I was with her in photos last!


I wasn’t dressed for it. I literally used my teeshirt to wipe her cake off her face and hands after I took her smash cake pictures , and wore a black tank for shots just with her.

My hair was pulled out of a mom bun, and wasn’t styled at all.

My little sister Sylyna (age 11) took these for me- and I’m THRILLED.


I think she could be a pretty amazing photographer!!

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