The Daniel Family | Family Session

Let me introduce you to, The Daniel Family


Where do I start?

Firstly, I’ve been dreaming up this session for awhile now.

I’m blessed to be married into a godly family, where everyone is trustworthy, raises their kids in the Lord, and is faithful themselves.


Having grandparents AND great grandparents like this for my 4 kids is a huge blessing to my husband and I, so when I was asked to take “1 or 2 good pictures”…. you know that’s not gonna cut it.


Under one hour and 90 finished photos later….we got all the memories captured.


I wanted to capture the joy. The laughter. The funny expressions Grandad makes, the goofy looks from the uncles, the many faces my kids come up with…. and the afternoon worked beautifully.


Even though it was 2pm and super hot-the clan was relaxed and worked with me!

The family shots were “self portraits”, with me running back and forth-hence the real laughs.


You’ve got to have some fun running back and forth for a family photo…watch the video to see a little peek of why we are laughing!




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