DIY Hot Air Balloon Fleece Blanket

~Hot Air Balloon~ 

Fleece Blanket Photo Tutorial 

This isn’t my usual post~but my husband was gone on a 3 day hunting trip, and I didn’t want to be bored out of my mind…so we raided the local Hancock Fabric’s the day before he left to find me a project to keep my mind busy. Lucky for us, their fleece was on a 70% off sale (truth is we went inside to buy thread…) and $20 later, we had a rainbow assortment of fleece material, thread, buttons, and a cute baby!

Oh wait-he was already with us.

All together, the materials for the blanket cost:


Long Pins-$3.49

Colored Thread-$1.95 each (bought 2 colors)

White Thread-$1.74

Fleece Material-$10.38

Total Materials cost: $19.92 with tax

I wanted a design that was boyish without firetrucks or puppydogs…and came up with the idea of a hot air balloon. I LOVE color-so something I could add lots of color in sounded fun. After picking out several different colors, I drew the clouds, balloon, and his name out on copy paper, cut out, and pinned to the fabric. I whip-stiched everything together and then onto the fabric. It took a while (a sewing machine would be tons faster, but once I got started with it handsewn I knew I would be prouder saying I did it by hand ? but I was very pleased with the final product.

I hope you enjoy this photo tutorial! I loved making the blanket-and now my son Kidron has a snuggly and super cute blanket to curl up with…and his mama doesn’t mind sharing it with him too!

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