October sessions…a month full of fun!

October has been such a busy and fun month filled with sessions…my little girl turned 3 months and is all over the place…big brother is getting used to having a sister around…I am working hard to balance being mom to 2, wife, housekeeper, photographer, & D-I-Y crafter!

 Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.57.07 AM

I met one of my big goals-and purchased a FX camera (Nikon D700-woot!) the last week of October…I’ve also been expanding my newborn props & set up!

I feel so blessed to have both new & returning clients this fall-and getting to capture so many adorable kids & sweet babies.

Session Update: My packages & pricing is now listed under the “Investment” tab. 

I am currently booking Newborn sessions for Dec-April, and Children sessions for Jan-April. 

Here’s a peek at some of my favorites from my October sessions!

DSC_9319DSC_9288DSC_9425DSC_9428DSC_9563DSC_9646DSC_2842DSC_2839DSC_2883   DSC_2847DSC_9521DSC_9448DSC_9370DSC_9361DSC_3892DSC_3934DSC_3827DSC_3717DSC_3706   DSC_3702DSC_3683DSC_3645DSC_3637DSC_3591   DSC_3583DSC_3034   DSC_3095DSC_2755DSC_2938DSC_2943   DSC_2863DSC_2906DSC_2893DSC_2753 editDSC_2806DSC_3847DSC_3853   DSC_3746DSC_9440DSC_9434DSC_9634DSC_9581DSC_9390DSC_9410DSC_9378DSC_1756DSC_1748DSC_1843DSC_1861DSC_1857DSC_1739DSC_1749   DSC_1732DSC_1737



This is my sweet little family…we were all dressed up to attend my Aunt’s wedding, and I had to get a quick shot of our family! (yay for tripods and timers!)


I am part of a group of photographers that are doing a blog circle each month….so stop by MDP Photography’s blog and show her some love! 🙂

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