Props for your session | Shanna-Kaye Photography

I have a confession to make.

I’m a prop hoarder. And I’m honestly not ashamed at all!!

I love finding the perfect vintage finds at garage sales, Canton flea market, props, online thru my favorite prop makers. and ordering custom knit props from Europe to wrap your baby in.

This doesn’t even include the buckets I put babies in.

Or headbands and bonnets.

Or outfits for little ones.

Or the maternity/post baby lace gown.

Or the backdrops.

Or the cake stand.

Or the fuzzy Flokati rugs!!

This comfy and gorgeous tufted blue couch is you to relax on, while I’m photographing your sweet baby or kiddo!
You can see some of the backdrops and rug colors here!! Peek inside the studio

The point is, I have everything we need to make the perfect pictures of your little one.

Really, for baby pictures, all you need to bring is extra diapers and baby wipes!

For older babies/little ones, just bring your favorite outfit, a cake if it’s a one year session… and I’ve got everything else!

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See this cutie’s cake smash success here!

Keshet Josiah |12 days new| outside in a wheat corner

I’m crazy, y’all. Crazy about babies!!! 

How about you….Are you crazy about babies too??#babyfeverisreal

❤️❤️Seriously though.
When my husband asked “do you want to take pictures of him right now??” 

I’m like… 😯😍 “YES!!!” 

I’ll just consider this my reward for trying to stay in bed these past 12 days. 

2 beautiful and intricate flowers, one big, one small. 
Just like my boys- one here, one waiting.

If you are a mom who has lost a twin,…

my heart goes to you.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Job 1:21

There are many verses in scripture that I’m understanding more fully now. Especially the verses talking about how hard it was for God to give up his only son. I really can’t imagine.

Keshet’s middle name is Josiah, which means “Jehovah has healed”. I wanted that, because I needed to have a reminder that God heals our hearts.

Even though I have had to give up one of mine, I got the keep one at the same time.

That pain is met with joy, with relief, as I look at my son’s face… and it makes me realize that God GAVE more of himself than we will fully realize to save us and bring us to Him.

Let’s not forget that, and work to make the sacrifice worth while.

I share more about our journey when we found out we were pregnant with twins, and losing Arrow here

Keshet Josiah 12 days new
No more pictures, mom!
My husband planted heirloom wheat seeds, called “Einkorn” wheat – in a corner in our backyard. It grew, which was exciting-so I knew I needed to get a picture of our new little blessing with the wheat.
He is just so smiley!!
Out of all my babies, Keshet has the LEAST amount of hair. Wild, I know!!
Want to see day “#1” in the studio? He’s 5 days old here, and more cuteness HERE

What to Wear for Family Sessions: the Fall Edition

Fall is my favorite time of the year, by far. The warm colors, cooler weather which makes Texas a LOT more bearable, and the upcoming family holidays with lots of good food just make it plain GOOD!

I’m like you, I start realizing how close the holidays are-and then I think “oh shoot!!! I need to think up gifts for my parents, in-laws, and grandparents!”

Thankfully, I figured out after our wedding day, that all they REALLY want is an updated photo of my little family to show off. And since our family has grown by a baby or two every 2 years, that means it’s time for a new family picture about October.

Maybe your family just wants a good picture of your family!! I want to share some ways to use what’s in your closet, plus maybe a new thing or two, to create the perfect portrait of your family that you will want to show off to everyone you meet.

Oh-and before we get to all the good tips… just know that if your in East Texas and want to hire me as your family photographer, these spots go QUICK. October for photographers is like April is for accountants!!

I’m coming back from maternity leave so it’s gonna be even busier than normal – so send me a message and let me know you want a spot.

Think about what colors are in the background

Fall colors vary from deep greens, to yellows, to vibrant oranges and reds, depending on where in the country you are.

Here in East Texas, it’s the deep greens and yellows, with a touch of orange from the golden light.

If your using a neat prop, like my vintage deep burgundy settee, you have a POP of color to work with.

See more of the gorgeous families I photographed last year so you can get an idea of what it looks like here

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Choose a color for your outfits OTHER than the background

For my fall session set up, these colors look amazing:

  • Blues
  • Blush/soft pinks
  • Cream or white

I recommend to stay away from a color that matches the background… because you want to stand out! In my fall family sessions, that means leaving your favorite yellow or green dress or blouse at home – because you will blend in.

Start with what you have in the closet

Time to raid the closet!! I always try to start with what we have. It just helps the budget, and gives you an idea of what to base your colors on.

If you stand in the closet and feel completely lost, here’s my “photoshoot essentials” that you can typically find:

  • White button down dress shirt for dad/boys, sleeves rolled up with dark wash jeans
  • A dress or tunic style shirt/straight jeans that make you feel amazing
  • Dresses for your girls with tall boots or cute flats

Pick 1 or 2 patterns

I recommend having at least one family member with solid colors, and then add in a pattern like plaid or floral. Too many patterns can be distracting, but a pop or two helps add diversity to your outfits!

Accessorize for a fantastic look

Even if you normally are in comfy tee-shirts and jeans, accessorizing can add character to your family’s outfits.

Things like:

  • floppy hats for your girls/you
  • fedora hats or vest for young boys/dad
  • costume jewelry, a little bigger than you normally wear

Makeup and nails are a big deal!

Wear a little more eye makeup and lipgloss than normal- trust me, it helps a ton!!! It helps bring your eyes out more, so if you have a friend who is amazing with makeup, invite her to come give you a makeover the day of your session!

Bring your lipgloss along, so you can reapply right before we get started.

Don’t forget to check your nails! Remove any chipped nail polish – if your crunched on time, naked nails look better than chipped paint. If you have time, having your nails nicely painted looks great-especially for detail shots.

Clear lipgloss or light colored for your little girls is fun, and make them feel “just like mommy”.

Ask your photographer

When your stumped, or have 2 dresses you simply can NOT decide between…. ask your photographer! She/He will have an idea of what will look great with the location…

and if I’m your photographer, feel free to PM me a photo or email it over to me! I’m happy to help you decide!

My Top 10 essential oils to have for toddlers and the uses

This was a requested list by a mama friend ❤️

——- comment below….. what are your “must have” oils for your kids??


So I use the Young Living brand for my essential oils. You can order on their website – if you do, I’d love if you use my referral number!

– just put in “2004569” in the “enrollee/sponsor” area

HALF of these oils are in the “premium starter kit” – which is the cheapest way to get them… plus a diffuser and several other oils.

(Like Purification for stinking rooms… and Frankincense for stretch marks… you get the idea)


Without further ado- here are my top 10 oils for little ones!

🌱Peace and Calming

Straight up, a MUST HAVE in my house.

Rub it on your kids before going grocery shopping. See how they do.

It’s worked magic many days for me to keep kids more behaved in public. 🙌🏻

Also great for occasionally anxiety 🤯for both kiddos and moms alike.

So yes- I use it A. LOT. 🤪


When in doubt …. put a drop of lavender on. No really!!

My first line of defense for bug bites 🐜

Good for diffusing at bedtime for sleepy vibes 💤


The “go to” for upset tummies … gassy babies, even upset adult tummies! 🤢

Rub a drop on the belly button… or bottom of the feet for babies

Ps. I found recently that it worked SUPER well when a friend’s son got stung by a small bee and I put a drop on and it stopped the stinging 🤷🏼‍♀️

So moral of the story- use whatever you have on hand!


I don’t want to ever be without this oil blend!!

It’s like “Panaway” for kids, but it’s already diluted and it’s not “hot” to the touch and it has Helicryuem in it… and Copiaba… and it just WORKS. Fantastic for the bumps and scraps kids get. 😬


– Rub a drop on baby’s gum line to help soothe teething woes (can seriously be a sanity saver)

It’s very mild, so doesn’t feel hot at all.

– Use immediately after your kid falls. It can help those goose eggs go down or even go away!!

– This is one oil I don’t mind putting on their skin or inside their mouth (hello busted lips/bit tongues) fast cause I know it won’t bother them


It seems so basic, but lemon is a great mood uplifter!! It smells great too! 🍋

Make a DIY roll on with 10 drops of lemon AND lavender AND Copiaba, and fill with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil …. and rub on the back of your kids neck to help their little noses not get stuffy 🤧

OR put those oils in a diffuser by their bed at night

🌱SleepyIze blend OR Rutavala roll on

—- both good for getting a sounder sleep, I try either when I have restless kids. So far I use the roll on the most cause it’s easy 🛏

It helps me calm down too!

🌱Stress Away-

Good for busted lips, just rub on (it has Copiaba in it so that’s why I use it!)

Rub a drop on your kids hands to help them calm down. Then rub 3-4 drops on YOU. Seriously 🙌🏻 🤞🏻

🌱Thieves roll on-

This is my go to, to help them keep from catching every sniffle and cold that goes around.

I rub it on their feet, on the bottom, and then put on socks (for kids who will touch their feet) or put footy pjs on.

Thieves IS hot- so it will irritate their eyes if they touch it and then rub their eyes.

Another option is you can MAKE YOUR OWN roll on bottle!! I’ve added thieves, lemon, lavender, Copiaba, and Frankincense together when they really feel bad and it works so stinking good.

Rub it on every 15 minutes when your kid feels bad for an hour- and then take a break for an hour or so and start back. Get them to drink lots of clear fluids.



Safety tip: In case your kid gets into a hot oil,


It makes it hotter.

Grab coconut oil, or olive oil, and rub around the area. It soothes it and dilutes it.

(And y’all. My kids have done all kinds of crazy stuff and they are all okay afterwards 🤪)

Also- the blends “Owie” and “Sleepize” and “Tummygize” are prediluted for kids so it’s SO easy!!

Really the only one I dilute on this list for sure if it’s not going on their feet is Thieves… and it’s almost always going on their feet.

Newborn session vs Newborn Mini

Which newborn session should you pick??

At Shanna-Kaye Photography, I have 2 packages for babies.

The “Newborn session”, which is a full experience, and a “Newborn Mini session”, which  focuses on baby in wrapped poses.


The Newborn Session is $650 and comes with a 2-3 hour session, around 75 digital photos in your gallery to download, and we can pick from ANY props I have in the studio!!

That includes tons of colors, props like buckets, a cradle, heart, and every texture you can imagine! I even have special props for rainbow babies.

Parents, sibling, and family photos are included in the Newborn Session.

We can do wrapped up poses, or those cute naked baby shots that show all the back rolls! (or a mix of both)


The Newborn Mini session is $395 and is includes poses with baby wrapped in soft swaddles. The session is about 1.5 hours long, and comes with around 25+ digital photos in your gallery to download. 

You can pick a vibrant color (pink, blue, yellow, rainbow for rainbow babies, etc), as well as the cream for a total of 2 background colors. 


Book your Newborn Session


Here’s what one mom has to say about Shanna-Kaye Photography:

“My newborn session with Shanna-Kaye was absolutely perfect and the pictures were gorgeous! I can’t imagine a newborn session or the quality of the photographs being any better! I would highly recommend Shanna-Kaye Photography to anyone.”

No matter which newborn session you need, I’m happy to capture your sweet baby!

Get my session packages here, and I can’t wait to meet your little one!

Postpartum and crazy hair

You know that feeling after having a baby… the “oh man, my body is tired…. and not where I want it to be… and the “I need to feel GOOD about myself, but I can wait….” feelings??

Postpartum can STINK.

Especially if you don’t put getting good stuff back in your body as top priority….

like supplements (L-Tyrosine and Ashwaganda, oh my- go check those out for chilling out emotions!)

or good foods when your nursing… like coconut oil, guacamole, and good protein…. so basically go eat Chipotle and make some something sweet with chocolate and coconut oil 😉

Go take care of YOU. Yes, you.

Not your sweet snuggly baby, who you are already caring at every hour of the night (and day!)


You are important, you are worth spending money on, you need to show your kids love by spending a little time on yourself.

When you just give and give and give, day in, and day out with a new little one…. you are WORE OUT.

Your body hurts. Your head hurts. Your emotions are thin.

Don’t stay there.

The longer you take to give yourself a small break, the more your emotions get high and hot and heavy on yourself.

Taking a break may not mean a day at the salon getting a crazy bold color on your hair, but MAYBE it does.

You might need the “girl, do it!!” encouragement to have fun and do something crazy for a change.

Mama, you do YOU.

If that means having someone watch the kids (and the baby!) for an hour so you can just sit and Starbucks and drink an expensive colored drink so you can breathe…

Do it.

It might be having epsom salts and essential oils in your bath, with the baby in a bouncer and your big kids watching Amazon Prime movies.

Whatever it is- DO something for you.

It will help, seriously.

Come chat with fellow moms about postpartum and motherhood in a no drama FB group!

For more ideas and encouragement, visit the Abundant Mama page.

For a fun bold look, contact my stylist friend, LaEsha at Oohlaglam in Tyler, TX and she will get you feeling amazing!

Rainbow Baby | Keshet Josiah

a beautiful embroidered swaddle, made by Kelsey Frazier.

2 years ago I became passionate about 2 different things… photographing twins, and bring awareness to rainbow babies. Now, with my own rainbow baby who was a twin, it reminds me that the Lord knew what was coming… and was preparing me beforehand.

Now, what is a “rainbow baby”??

A rainbow baby is a child born after a loss or miscarriage. This could be losing a baby at birth, in the womb… maybe even before you get to go to the first sonogram or hear a heartbeat on the monitor.

Our little Keshet was a twin. His brother, Arrow, who was identical, left us and joined the Lord just a few days after we saw the boys on the sonogram at under 8 weeks gestation and got to hear their tiny heart beats.

I shared our story, here on the East Texas Moms Blog page.

I still have a hard time saying “was” instead of “is” when I talk about Arrow. In my mind, he’s still present. He isn’t quite gone. It’s a weird thing to work thru emotionally… and makes me so glad for the blessing of the Lord to be able to go to him!!!

“Tiny miracle” outfit that a dear friend mailed me

Meaning of his name:

“Keshet” means “rainbow” in Hebrew (we pronounce it like ‘Ka-sh-et”, though traditionally it’s pronounced with a “ehh” sound)

“Josiah” means “Jehovah has healed”

He was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, my earliest baby by several weeks. His feet are long, and have less wrinkles from being “early”
There’s not a day that passes that I won’t miss your twin…

but I’m so thankful God gave me you to hold 
I have all kinds of gorgeous props like these for rainbow babies.
Contact me if you want me to create memories like this for you!
I love the arrows that are on his blanket.
He is so tiny!!! Born at 7lbs 9oz

Do you have a rainbow baby coming? I’d love to meet him/her!

See this outdoor session with Keshet at 12 days old here

Keshet | in blue | 5 days old

I’ve been dreaming up what pictures I would take of our little guy most of the pregnancy. Photographing your own baby has it’s challenges, since healing post partum is a big deal – so I really couldn’t have done these without my husband and my sister’s help!

holding on to my heart!

Those skinny little back rolls are the best!
This shot totally reminds me of his sister, Shaphirah… I did a pose like this with her newborn pictures.

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See Keshet’s outdoor pictures at 12 days old here!
B O O K   N O W