Newborn session vs Newborn Mini

Which newborn session should you pick??

At Shanna-Kaye Photography, I have 2 packages for babies.

The “Newborn session”, which is a full experience, and a “Newborn Mini session”, which is a shorter session that focuses all on baby and neutral colors.

The Newborn Session is $650 and comes with a 2-3 hour session, around 100 photos in your gallery to download, and we can pick from ANY props I have in the studio!! That includes tons of colors, props like buckets, a cradle, heart, and every texture you can imagine! I even have special props for rainbow babies.

Parents, sibling, and family photos are included in the Newborn Session.

The Newborn Mini session is $295 and comes with a 1 hour session (usually 30 minutes of shooting), around 25-50 photos in your gallery to download, and all cream props. We can do a mix of headbands/bonnets for girls, and bonnets for boys – and one wooden prop like the tiny cradle or heart (pictured below)

Here’s what one mom has to say about Shanna-Kaye Photography:

“My newborn session with Shanna-Kaye was absolutely perfect and the pictures were gorgeous! I can’t imagine a newborn session or the quality of the photographs being any better! I would highly recommend Shanna-Kaye Photography to anyone.”

No matter which newborn session you need, I’m happy to capture your sweet baby!

Get my session packages here, and I can’t wait to meet your little one!

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