Mini Sessions made easy- introducing Mini VIP!!

The Mini VIPs


I forget things. #mombrain

And even though I have my iPhone in my hand 24/7 snapping pictures of everything my kids do, wear, and touch…

I like really good “real camera” pictures of my babies. 


I mean, you blink, and that sweet baby is turning 5 and has a personality all of her own. (see her tiny squishy baby pictures) 


I’m just going out on a limb here, and guessing you do too?? 

(comment below and tell me if you have a bajillion photos on your iPhone like I do!)



See, the problem is I forget to plan for those moments… until it’s like 2 days away from a “milestone” time and then

it’s “ahhhh!!! go find a cute outfit and figure it all out now!” stress.


That’s why I created the Mini VIP subscription. 

Because no mom should stress about pictures.

So what is the Mini VIP subscription?

It’s a simple way to plan out those “I’ve got to get this!” memories of your babies for the year, all while cutting out the stress because you know exactly what to budget.

I’ll do all the prepping, picking the perfect location-all you need to do is bring your cutie(s) all dressed up to the sessions you choose!

Each Mini session comes with:

  • 20 minutes of memory making
  • around 20 digital photos for you to download
  • props that go with the theme of the season
  • (and I don’t mean cheesy props. I mean really neat vintage, classy, and colorful finds that you will ohh-and-ahh over) 
  • siblings can be included


Just SEVEN VIP spots are LEFT!!!- so grab yours fast! 



(6) Mini sessions

Your choice of 6 mini sessions per year for your baby/kids

—-includes family minis in the spring/fall

—-if you have a newborn, you can use a mini session for their newborn session at Peek-A-Bootique



Here’s what you get:

Sessions will include holidays, gender neutral, and boy/girl themes.

Outdoor mini sessions OR studio sessions at Peek-A-Bootique in Tyler

—-you can mix and match, so pick a few outdoor and a few studio sessions

—Studio sessions are encouraged for up to 3 siblings. For larger sibling groups, I recommend outdoor sessions so we have plenty of room to run and play.

Recurring payments are due on the 15th of each month.


Check out the holiday studio mini set up!!

For my math-loving’ moms, you save over $900 a year!


Head here to book your session:


Just SEVEN VIP spots are left- so grab yours fast!

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